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Elevate your company with a digital experience that that captivates and converts your customers while boosting brand loyalty.

  • Complement your rich content with a website, mobile, and app design that embodies your brand.
  • Engage and educate your audience with a unique user experience, including core messaging and intuitive navigation.
  • Our content and marketing teams create campaigns that continue to increase online views, conversions, and brand awareness.

Publication Website Samples

Our designs are characterized by clear messaging, helpful navigation,
and strong calls to action.

How to Design a Successful
Publication Website

  • Subscription & Purchasing Options

    As a business focused on print, audiences need to be able to access your content whether that means purchasing your products, or subscribing to your publication. Navigation options that lead visitors to these prompts should be integrated into your website design so that returning visitors can easily find what they are looking for, while new customers can naturally be lead to the merchandise and services that you offer. This allows potential readers to easily find what they are looking for, and become a part of your online audience.

    Subscription & Purchasing Options
  • Know Your Readers

    Understanding who your audience is offline is a great way to design a website that will effectively cater to them online. A publication website allows you to expand your audience and reach new people through a digital platform. You can present readers with media, additional resources, and design elements that bridge the gap between page and screen. This not only maintains the interests of existing readers and fans, but also creates an online community that connects people through the common interest of your products or services.

    Know Your Readers
  • Responsive Design

    Your website serves as the digital hub of your business. Even if your company operates solely in print media, the importance of an online presence should not be overlooked. Commuters, travelers, and standard customers should be able to easily learn more about your brand, services, and products on both desktop and mobile devices through a responsive website design. Access to media on all platforms is a feature that audiences have come to expect, and it is important for your website to fulfill those expectations.

    Responsive Design
  • Articles & Resources

    Audiences should be able to quickly find the information that they need, without taking anything away from the aesthetics of the design of your website. Feature best sellers and popular articles, or lead readers to pages where they can find content similar to their interests. Provide location-based navigation elements so that people can find a retailer near them where they can purchase your products. These design elements can give visitors the information they are looking for while keeping them interested and engaged with your brand.

    Articles & Resources
  • Balances Content & Imagery

    A website dedicated to news and print is going to be filled with rich content and dense copy. While your publication should showcase this work, layout and design cannot be neglected. Include compelling calls to action that encourage visitors to “read more,” rather than presenting too much all at once. This allows you to highlight some work, while naturally leading audiences throughout the rest of your website. Incorporating unique elements into your pages will create a more engaging user experience, and adds value to your brand.

    Balances Content & Imagery

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