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Technology Website Samples

Our designers are experts at creating elegant websites that will capture the essence of your brand.

AOL background AOL desktop VIEW PROJECT AOL Logo AOL Logo
BCN Telecom background BCN Telecom desktop BCN Telecom mobile VIEW PROJECT BCN Telecom Logo BCN Telecom Logo
SNC background SNC desktop SNC mobile VIEW PROJECT SNC Logo SNC Logo
Intelligence Squared background Intelligence Squared desktop Intelligence Squared mobile VIEW PROJECT Intelligence Squared Logo Intelligence Squared Logo
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Before & After Redesigns

  • Before After
    Sierra Nevada Corporation
    Before Sierra Nevada Corporation After Sierra Nevada Corporation
  • Before After
    Before BCN After BCN
  • Before After
    Network Security Systems Plus, Inc.
    Before Network Security Systems Plus, Inc. After Network Security Systems Plus, Inc.

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How to Design a Successful
Technology Website

  • Clear Service Offerings

    The world of technology is growing everyday. Your website should highlight your specific area of expertise, and communicate to customers what exactly you do. Balance the design with imagery and content that showcases your products & explains your service offerings. Technology can be a complicated industry for customers to find what they are looking for. Your website can minimize the confusion, reach the right demographic, and help clients make the decision to work with your business through this helpful, yet engaging design.

    Clear Service Offerings
  • Mobile Compatibility

    In order to establish credibility as a company who provides technology services, its essential for the design of your website to be compatible with various devices. People need to be able to access your products or service information quickly and easily. This requires having a website that is easily accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. This crucial design element will give you an edge against the websites of competitors, and show potential customers that your brand is professional and a leader in your industry.

    Mobile Compatibility
  • Scheduling & Purchasing Options

    Customers are lead to your website when they want to schedule your services and purchase products quickly and easily online. The design of your website should cater to those needs by providing simple and prominently-placed navigation options that take visitors directly to where they need to go. Incorporate ecommerce and booking options that give users a clear understanding of what they are doing, and the confidence of knowing that completing these tasks online, will still lead to quality products and services offline.

    Scheduling & Purchasing Options
  • Media & Tutorial Features

    Creating written and visual content surrounding your products and services will give your technology website an added value to both customers and competitors. Incorporating instructional videos into your design can help people assemble, repair, and use your products. This also allows you the chance to showcase your services through high quality imagery and video. Staying on top of industry trends, then presenting that information in an interactive way, will engage visitors with your business, and grow an audience for your brand.

    Media & Tutorial Features
  • Strong Branding

    In such a competitive industry, your business needs to stand out against other technology service providers through strong branding that helps make you memorable. Branded imagery, colors, and icons give you an edge against companies working with the same products and services as you. Although your work may be technical, it can be presented to your audience in a clear and organized way that is easy for them to consume, and associate with your company. This helps to make your brand inviting, approachable, and most importantly, recognizable.

    Strong Branding
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